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In creating this website my goal is to share with you the knowledge and the passion I have for the game of Euchre. I hope you will gain some insight from my experiences and may you also develop a love for this card game as I have.

I do not profess to be a Card Shark or Professional Euchre Card Player….. I simply love the game .

My father was an avid Euchre player and boy did he love to win! I learned to play Euchre at an early age- certainly well before my teens.  My father was not the person who taught me how to play euchre. But i definitely inherited his fervour for the game . I recall many occassions as a teenager playing with workmates and friends all hours of the night. Saturday night was Euchre night in our neighbourhood and many would gather at a “chosen house” to play cards. There would be as many as 40 adults including my father and they would play Euchre till the early hours of the morning. I remember my father often returned home with the winners prize! My one regret is that I never had the opportunity to play cards with him.

My passion now lies in playing Euchre OnLine and over the last 6 years I have played over 20,000 games at Yahoo Euchre. I definitely consider myself to be a Social player and the best thing I  love about  playing Euchre OnLine is meeting people from all over the world. I have played with partners ranging in ages from 12  to 100.  I have also made many friends at the Euchre tables and it never ceases to amaze me that I can sit across the table and play cards and chat with my partner who is sitting at their computer on the other side of the world. However I must say that it is also just as pleasureable to meet other euchre players online from my home country of New Zealand .

I would also add that playing Euchre OnLine is where I truly learned the strategies of the game  and gained  the confidence to trust in the cards. Some I learned by trial and error and others I was taught by my new friends.

The one thing Ive learned about playing euchre is that its all in the cards. They will take on a life of their own. They can be predictable, they can  help you, they will let you win. But  they will also confuse you and surprise you and yes at times they will let you down. Ive often thought its not about how you play the cards but about how the cards play you.Thats all part of the game though and it’s  what makes euchre challenging and enjoyable. As they say its not all about winning but  how you play the game.

So now….lets have some fun ……lets learn how to play Euchre.  To learn The Basics of Euchre  ⇒  Start here
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